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co-active coaching • training • mentoring

Transform the leadership style in your company by adopting a coaching approach.

Balanced work environments, balanced leaders, balanced managers: what if we reconciled balance and performance?

I work with Co-Active Coaching - a practical, tried and tested method for growth and development. It assumes that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and carries the power to create the life he or she wants. Client and coach work actively together to find and liberate the client's inner strengths.
Coaching can also be combined with mentoring, based on mutual trust and respect, to allow clients to increase awareness of their potential and to realise their goals. I often work with clients on an area or in an industry in which I have special knowledge or experience.

My business mission.

I train leaders, managers and HR [at the heart of operations/in the industry] to master the art of coaching in order for them to leverage this tool as an attraction and retention edge in their company. I coach individually executives who feel the need for a personal and confidential pathway.

My business vision.

The conscious adoption of a coaching approach by managers in the way they exercise their leadership will enable the reconciliation of performance and balance at the workplace and in turn soften the business world.

Countries in which I work.

Sweden, UK, Europe and the Middle-East


English, Swedish and French

I offer free 30-minute sample sessions

I offer a free sample session for half an hour, during which we can get to know each other a little more. After that you can decide whether you want further coaching or mentoring. Contact me for a free initial meeting.

I also work internationally and speak both English and French. I have clients all over Europe, the Middle-East, the US and Canada. We talk over the phone or by Zoom, and it works just fine.

Co-active coaching • training • mentoring

“Being with another human being - Can anything be more beautiful than that?” - Elisabeth Olger

“I think that organisations have been waking up for some time now to the fact that leadership isn't just transactional. It's not just about getting people to do something; it's really relational. Yet a lot of people in relationship roles inside organisations don't really have the training or the support to establish those dynamic, productive and empowering relationships.” - Karen Kimsey-House

“We are not coaching a problem to be solved, we are coaching a life to be lived.” - Jim Paterson

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” - Aristoteles

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Contact info


Elisabeth Olger, CPCC MCC
Lägatan 8 A
211 74 Malmö

Tel: +46 (0)739-83 00 02


Rule of ethics

Wellbalanced follows the ICF (International Coach Federation) Code of Ethics.

ICF Code of Ethics